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I am an educator, historian, genealogist, military veteran, mother (to a 3-year-old!), and wife (of seven years). During my time in the military, I was fully trained as an Intelligence Specialist and Cryptologic Language Analyst and spent most of my time stationed at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland. Since separating from the Air Force my family has settled in Utah (for good...though I'm still trying to convince my husband to let us retire to Italy!). I received my Bachelor of Arts in History in 2018 and will complete my Master of Education program by the end of 2021. In addition to these credentials, I hold degrees in General Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, and Intelligence Studies and Technology. I currently serve as the Surgical Education Manager for the University of Utah's Department of Surgery. Outside of this work I like to write, explore history, work on research and genealogy, and run several one-place studies. This website includes my scholarship and professional activities, houses my one-place studies, is where I write and post blogs about all sorts of topics, and just share my life in general! Whichever one of these reasons brought you here, I hope you enjoy it. 

"History will be kind to me; for I intend to write it."

Winston Churchill

"Without someone to chronicle the events of the past, history simply cannot exist."

Anna Darelli-Anderson

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Anna Darelli-Anderson

Anna Darelli-Anderson

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